My passion for cello began at the age of five. After watching a performance at the Cairo opera house I told my mother that I wanted to play "that one". Back in Germany I got my first cello and lessons and so the life long journey began...

My passion for composing began in Berlin with arranging covers for my own ensembles, and performances with loop station accompaniment. I've had the opportunity to write for recordings and shows, and love composing cello and string lines for singer songwriters.

During the pandemic I composed, recorded and produced my first album with children songs. The second album with film music followed a year later.

Read more about it here.



My BIRTHSONG is a unique song I will compose for your child before or after it is born. As you play the melody it strengthens the bond between you and your baby. It will comfort and sooth the child. A song which connects you with your loved one through the power of music.

The idea of My BIRTHSONG began to take form when when my nephew was born 12 years ago. I felt a deep need to compose a melody for him but was in the midst of preparing for my final recital... More than a decade later I finally composed a song for him with beautiful cello lines. From now on his personal song will accompany him on his way.


I love to compose cello melodies for babies, children and any other person.

If you would like to give MY BIRTHSONG to a loved one, please contact me and we will discuss further details.



For my latest work "String Theory Vol.1" I composed and recorded the cello lines and collaborated together with film composer Sebastian Pecznik who produced and curated the album published by Warner Chappell Production Music.

In the winter of 2020/21  I composed my first album which has included both the composition and album production of ten children songs for the project Zirkus Palope